Resourceful in packaging

Special projects

Each product is different from every other, each company as well. Companies have their own ideas and wishes for production, and we find that a great challenge at Schutten Machines. Schutten supplies many machines specially designed and constructed to suit the client’s wishes.

The expertise of our R&D department and our professionalism in the workplace mean we can find a suitable solution for any situation. We work with the client and involve them in every key step in the design and construction process.

Do you have a special requirement? We will be only too pleased to advise you.

Video of various special projects


Champignon sealing machine
  • For closing tins of champignons using ultrasound to seal the lid.
  • A wide range of designs is available for 250, 400 and 500 gram packaging.


Tomato packing line
  • Hall layout with all lines
Soup filling line
  • Complete filling, sealing and final packaging line.
Cup labeller
  • Small cups entering the line are given a three-quarter round banana-shaped label.



Wedge cutter
  • Pear wedge cutter
  • For separating pears into 2, 4, 6 or 8 wedges
  • Throughput: 7,200 pears/hour
Endive cutter
  • This tailor-made machine replaces the labour-intensive manual cutting of endives, lettuce and other vegetables.
  • production: up to 40 heads/min.