Resourceful in packaging


The Pick & Place ROBOT is used for inserting, filling and packing (in trays, boxes or crates) products for the foodstuff industry. The components in this machine are given a special protective coating, and the seals are 100% reliable. As a result, the machine is easy to clean and any product can be processed hygienically.

ROBOT Pick & Place machines are made in all types and sizes designed to suit the client’s production capacity. Your investment is amortised within a predictable time because the robot handles what was previously done by hand. Fully expandable with box assembly and sealing functions, and crate processing.

Special packing machines for other applications can be made to order.

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Vision controlled robotic system

  • Packing capacity: up to 300 pieces/min.
  • Packing line for different snacks
  • Detection and quality control using 3D cameras
  • Quick change for different snacks

Pick and Place Robot

  • Packing capacity: up to 300 pieces/min.
  • Stack and unstack crates
  • Quick change for different snacks